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    Here's a quick story.. Not sure if I'm the only one who thinks its pretty crazy, but let me know what you think!

    I went to an amusement park two days ago and of course this already spells trouble. I went on the park's largest rollercoaster (which is mostly OVER WATER) and of course I got off WITHOUT my BlackBerry. The people behind us said they saw two phones fly, and a guy caught one in mid air. It belonged to my friend (and WASN'T a BlackBerry).

    I was freaking out. It wasn't totally about the PHONE, but about what was on it.. My pictures, my contacts, etc. I backed it up, but not every time I added someone. I calmed down and just realized it wasn't the end of the world. I could replace it in no time. Can I just add that I NEVER lose my electronics? I had a crappy Samsung for years and used my iPod simultaneously (not much need anymore) and with all my trips to this park, never lost either.

    When I got home that night, I immediately logged on to Blackberry Protect! So happy I used this app. I found the GPS location of my phone, and of course it was under the rollercoaster ON THE GRASS.. And since I could track the location, it also meant it was still ON! I made it "Loud Ring" about 5 times (But at this time the park was closed).

    It was too late to get a hold of the park, and in the morning when I checked again, I couldn't connect to the phone. The park also didn't answer their guest services line.

    This was a work trip with co-workers, and when I went into work today, my manager told me the park had called. They found it! And they're currently shipping it back to me. No clue what condition its in yet, but it survived the fall (230 feet), stayed on, and is coming home. I'm using a Pearl (GSM instead of HSPA so can't use on my network) for a few days until I get it back.

    Moral of the story? Don't bring valuables on rollercoasters, Blackberry Protect is awesome, and I must have done something very good because I never get this lucky!

    Has anything like this happened to you? Share!!
    07-07-11 11:15 PM
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    Ok, that is a pretty awesome story and a testament to the toughness of a BlackBerry. Good to know that BlackBerry Protect works as advertised, also. Glad to hear your device is coming home. Bravo!

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    07-07-11 11:25 PM
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    Great story. Blackberry protect is a great app. Never had to use it but I hope in the rare case I lose my berry I will find it.

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    07-07-11 11:26 PM
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    Freakin awesome story man.

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    07-07-11 11:29 PM
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    Thanks, guys. I thought it was a goner, especially since I couldn't track it the next day.

    eve6er69, I hope you never have to use it, but it really is useful! The location is supposed to be accurate to the nearest meter. Even if you lose it in the house, you could potentially just log on and make it loud ring (it'll do that for 1 minute).

    I'll let you guys know the condition when it comes back (it DID have a case & screen protector), but $100 - $200 to repair it, is much better than $600 for a new one, and I'm not a contract person. I've also learned a lesson and I love that too.
    07-07-11 11:44 PM
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    BlackBerry TESTIFY!

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    07-08-11 12:03 AM
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    Yeah after this story I went on bb protect and gps'd my phone and it was showing it in the corner of the house that it was in. Pretty useful. I have had the app on my phone a few times and done backups but never really signed onto the site to test it out.

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    07-08-11 12:23 AM
  8. mobibiz's Avatar
    Wonderful device! and blackberries rock. Ever and always.
    07-08-11 02:24 AM
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    Oh man, that's pretty crazy! I always thought about getting BlackBerry Protect but then I think "Nah, I don't think I'd need it" but because of this story I'm sure as **** gonna get it. Sadly, I've lost my BlackBerry once before but it ended up being in my dad's truck. I know I should've gotten BlackBerry Protect after that incident but it was in my dad's truck so I decided against it. Again, I'm gonna get it now for sure. I feel like I also learned a lesson just from reading this. Thanks for the post!
    07-08-11 02:37 AM
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    Oops, didn't know the H word would be censored. Sorry
    07-08-11 02:38 AM
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    Awesome story!

    The Blackberry Protect and data backing is definitely very important. If possible, be sure to include phone insurance. I bought my Blackberry at Radioshack some months ago and they offered me insurance for just $20. I can drop it in a puddle, throw it against the wall or even drive over my phone - they will replace it for just $20, no questions asked!
    07-08-11 02:51 AM
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    Great story about BB protect. I knew this is handy software.
    Just one thing though, what if the phone had gone and hit someone in the face
    Shouldn't carry loose objects on a roller coaster.
    And since are in America, accidents would mean a lawsuit.
    07-08-11 05:16 AM
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    Its real wonderful. I have my own side of story. I cant access the browser on my 9530 can u help me out?

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    07-08-11 05:45 AM
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    That's a great story! I have seen many people keep phones they find. Glad karma was good to you.
    07-08-11 05:48 AM
  15. Lorenn_x's Avatar
    Thanks again, everyone.

    medicinILL, Yeah, I had no clue what it was for at first. And after reading up on it, I was still kind of like "meh", but decided to just sign up - not hard. So glad I have it. Even though the park probably found it when it was off, the app made me feel pretty relieved (I no longer had to think "is it in the water?" or "where on the ride did it fall out"), and if they weren't able to find it (they do checks every night), I'd be able to return and let them know where it was.

    I also saved the picture of where it was, even though the Protect software lets you see the last known location if it can't connect to you device then. It's incredibly helpful!

    There it is! You can't see the rollercoaster, guess its an older map, but you can see how much water there is and how close.. This is at Canada's Wonderland if anyone is familiar.

    BBFXPro777, The only thing about phone insurance is that I bought the phone online. There were people who included the warranty, but I was usually too late. But I have no problem paying to fix it, although being able to replace it would be nice if I needed to, lol.

    I also think it works different in Canada. Most of our Radio Shacks are turning into The Source, and with your provider, they kind of con you out of money even when you do have a warranty. Deposits, restrictions (ie. puddles), etc.

    sam_b77, I also think it works different in Canada? Never heard of any lawsuits like that, haha. But I know, it was such a huge mistake. My pockets are usually secure and I never lose stuff, so it was never something I thought about.

    Billyjen, don't know much about the Storm and off-topic, but its okay. First, do you have a data plan?

    araLe-tot, Thanks. Well, even if someone did decide to keep it, I could always report it as stolen and it would be no use to them. Glad that is a feature as well. And I'm glad too, it usually doesn't seem to be.
    07-08-11 10:28 AM
  16. Mark PPG's Avatar
    OMFG! you lost it on Behemoth? That thing could have seriously killed someone :-)

    Glad you found it! BB Protect is awesome, I use it on all my family's BBs.
    07-08-11 11:14 AM
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    Well if you'd lost it for good, all you would've had to do was download BlackBerry Protect to the new device, and your data up to the latest backup would have been restored in seconds, which is yet another good reason to install the software.

    The same applied to issues foe folks that get their charging ports damaged. There really isn't a good reason to not use Protect other than personal preference.

    But then, some of them will post a thread asking how they can get their data back. (shakes head sadly)

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    07-08-11 11:39 AM
  18. Lorenn_x's Avatar
    Mark, Haha I know. I love that ride though, and went on even after I lost it, lmao.

    BergerKing, yep I'm happy I backed things up (I set it to back up automatically weekly). Do you know if it backs up photos and videos? That worried me a lot about losing it.
    07-08-11 12:41 PM
  19. BergerKing's Avatar
    Mark, Haha I know. I love that ride though, and went on even after I lost it, lmao.

    BergerKing, yep I'm happy I backed things up (I set it to back up automatically weekly). Do you know if it backs up photos and videos? That worried me a lot about losing it.
    That's typically media card content, and that's not a part of the backup.
    Better to make a backup on your computer for that data.

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    07-08-11 12:46 PM