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  1. grahamf's Avatar
    Imagine a Blackberry with the following specifications:

    Hardware and specs fairly similar to the Bold 9900/9930, except:

    >3,000mAh battery for an incredibly long run time between charges.

    Supports virtually all networks used worldwide.

    battery is used to power a stronger antenna, giving it EXCELLENT reception.

    dual sim, with the secondary sim being able to swap out quickly without a battery pull.

    EDIT: very high durability, basically like it has an integrated Otterbox. Would be nice if it's waterproof too.

    even if the phone is a lot thicker in order to fit the bigger battery and better antenna

    This would become the ultimate traveling phone; or phone for use by oil workers or people that have a job a long ways away from civilization.

    do you think such a device would sell at all?
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    09-14-12 09:25 AM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    It wouldn't sell in any meaningful quantities,
    And Company's are looking to buy consumer grade electronics more so than paying for custom grade because the advancements in the consumer front happen so quickly yearly replacements are cheaper than buying custom every 3 years.

    I would certainly appreciate a Bold 9000 with the 9900 specs, sporting 2 x LS1 - 1230mAh batteries with the added space in the 9000, they could have the second SIM, and more antenna, I'd like to see the inclusion of MicroHDMI, and BT4 on the device as well,

    I'd pay in the $900 range for it.

    Reason for 2 smaller batteries is rapid charging a single battery while keeping the device going, and being able to carry smaller spares.
    09-14-12 09:46 AM
  3. lnichols's Avatar
    Would not sell in quantities enough to justify the R&D and production of the device IMHO. RIM simply isn't in a position address that small of a niche product at this time.
    09-14-12 09:52 AM
  4. Mrluky's Avatar
    if you dont like crackberry anymore,stop adding to your 6791 posts
    09-14-12 10:12 AM
  5. grahamf's Avatar
    Oops forgot the line about making it very durable.
    09-14-12 10:43 AM