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    I've been viewing this forum for a few months but this, I felt it was worthy enough to post.

    Just like the rest of you, I view the forum on a daily basis. I've seen threads about customizing your BlackBerry. Many people posted sites such as truesupplier, sw-box, eBay, etc. I chose sw-box rather then any site due to the fact that it looked very organized so I assumed everything was going to be all good. Apparently not...

    Mind you, before ordering I had this feeling inside where I knew they were going to screw up on my order just because it's from a foreign country (I have no problems with them, I'm Chinese myself). Unfortunately, I did not go with my gut feeling.

    I ordered a metallic gray complete housing for my 8320 and a pink complete housing for my sister's 8330.

    They end up sending me the metallic gray housing the a silver lens. It was clearly black from pictures. That didn't even bother me much until I saw that they sent me a pink complete housing for a 8320.

    Also, the trackballs they sell are absolutely horrible. The backdoor doesn't even fit correctly. The keys are hard to push. Overall, everything was just crappy.

    They do accept exchanges and refunds, but I'm from the US. The shipping fees are gonna cost me a third of what I paid. I feel as if it's not even worth it.

    If you want to customize your BlackBerry, don't go to sw-box . I'm just trying to look out for my fellow CrackBerry members.
    10-21-09 06:16 PM
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    10-21-09 06:27 PM