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    As you can see from the images I've attached, WorldCraft is perfectly useable; but has downsides. Most of the reviews give out the same answer. WorldCraft is great in some aspects, and a bit poor on others.

    Within three days, I'd built a castle and it's insides, yet I still haven't finished it, and I am finishing my moat, I have just posted this thread to see people's opinions on what I've done.

    Worldcraft - Useable as Proven-img_00000083.jpg Worldcraft - Useable as Proven-img_00000087.jpg Worldcraft - Useable as Proven-img_00000092.jpg
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    01-04-13 08:20 AM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    Looks like minecraft, is this a Playbook app?
    01-04-13 08:50 AM
  3. Crowezine's Avatar
    Looks like minecraft, is this a Playbook app?
    Yeah. It's meant to be a simulater or an emulator of Minecraft, although it's called "WorldCraft" (probably to avoid copyright issues), sadly, hence the name, you can't do most of the stuff you can do on minecraft. As in the pictures, I was really testing it for usability.
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    01-04-13 08:52 AM

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