1. Shpitalnik's Avatar
    In recent days sounded too much news against RIM, for me it has gone far enough.
    It is true that things are not going well and it all depends on BlackBerry 10, but yet it seems too
    If there is a guiding hand that cares that RIM will not be able to raise my head above sea level.

    How could a third phone company will not be able to survive, it means that companies like Nokia, HTC
    And in general should not be there. And of course do not forget, RIM is a software and hardware
    While Apple is also a computer company and Google in general almost never deals with hardware.

    All comparisons between the companies generally do not.
    All competitors of RIM fiddling while areas.

    My opinion, RIM will continue to be an existing company, if not the same caliber we were used to
    Apple and Google will have to work harder in order to achieve a situation in which we come to the grave of RIM.
    06-25-12 01:00 PM
  2. G-bone's Avatar
    +1 I'm with you!
    06-25-12 01:26 PM
  3. Tiassa's Avatar
    There has to be a Ron Artest joke somewhere in that post, but I can't come up with one
    06-25-12 02:23 PM