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    I have found a lot of useful info on this Forum.

    It is fortunate that there are more places than just one for answers.

    Regarding a problem with password on my 9700 Bold:

    I have had a four digit Phone Lock on it for months, always the same, was operating the phone the same as usual one night, and the next morning, it wouldn't accept the Lock Code.

    Entered the Password 7/8 times, then thought I had no choice but to let it reset itself, entered in the same Code, and it accepted it.

    I didn't want to go through that again, so I went to Password Settings to remove the Password requirement, and it started all over again, not accepting the Same Password with which I had just unlocked the phone!

    Fortunately, I have Backed up my phone in case it did get Wiped, but I would have lost some info that had been entered in between Backups, so I hoped I could get this resolved With Out the phone needing a Factory Reset.

    The 9700 asked me to enter "blackberry", and I noticed that there was a tendency for the letters to jump to Upper Case quicker than I was accustomed to seeing it do.

    As I have been writing this, I remembered that I had changed the Cursor Speed to Fast, so now I'm going to type in the password as quickly as I can, so I can be as certain as possible that it goes in as 'lower case' only, which, because of the characters being immediately changed to ****, I could not detect before.

    Problem Solved!

    I just breathed a Huge sigh of relief.

    The phone has now been set back to the Original Cursor Rate, and the Phone Lock has been removed.

    Security is important in case the phone is misplaced, so I set the SIM Card Lock instead, and at least if the Password gets messed up again, I can get a PUK Code from at&t, and unlock the phone that way, without the risk of wiping out all my contact information, calendar dates, and other personal settings.

    I hope this information might be helpful to someone else, and I'm looking forward to learning more on this site.
    06-08-10 05:51 AM
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    One warning - the SIM's PIN code only protects the SIM against misuse, it doesn't protect the phone and your data if a thief puts his own SIM into the phone.

    One solution is to enter the phone's security password as explicit upper case and/or numbers using the Shift and Alt keys. These can never be modified by the auto-caps feature.
    06-08-10 06:33 AM
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    Hi Branta,

    Thank you for your response.

    I am not as worried about thieves getting my contact and other information as much as having all my data wiped, although, it is indeed still a concern.

    Making the Password Only Upper Case would definitely have helped me.

    I was up pretty late while on the Forum, so please forgive my error in posting the same thing twice. Once discovered, I looked for a way to delete the duplicate post, but could not find a way to do so.

    Is there a way for the 'Post originator' to delete a post, I wonder?

    I was too tired to go looking for that, but it's probably answered in FAQs or somewhere else on the site.

    Title of thread on Blackberryforums_com: "Password Not Accepted due to Cursor Speed Change".
    Title of thread on BlackBerry Support Community Forums: "Password Not Accepted, Avoid Factory Reset."

    Thanks again for the help available on this site.

    Best regards.
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