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    Hello All,

    My wive wants a BB. Please help.

    However, I don't want her to keep bugging me when the BB chosen will hang or reset often or whatever condition that will make her trouble me.

    I have searched this forum but the database is so big and I can't narrow it down.....I am lost in the reading.

    Please don't take the following comments as an offence :

    I really need honest users opinion and experience from those who have used a proven model for a long time. I know there are a lot of users who have lots of posts under his/her belt in this forum but lacking of real BB experience. This is not a hate or love question over which models, I just want to get my wive a very reliable BB.

    I can't ask locally this question in my country because BB service is still only less than 2 years old, so I would like opinion from seasoned users here who put reliability as 1st priority and have used that particular device for at least 1 year as a WORKING tool. I don't want OS update suffering and the like, I don't want my wive come nagging at me because of resets or having to pull the battery and so on. I want a BB to let her improve her communication productivity when she is away from the office....and I want to live in peace..

    Basically the BB function will be an email terminal. She carries two phones like me so camera function and all the toys is not important, BB camera is a joke anyway.

    I will not get her a Bold like mine because I do not find it as VERY reliable yet.
    Storm surely no way.

    She wanted an iphone and I said NO, because she wants easy email function more than anything else being the reason to get a BB and she will get BIS.

    She will not put any 3rd paty application and so on, she is not gadget oriented.

    Having a camera if possible video recording capable is nice like the 83xx model but I rather throw those function away if stability/reliability of those units is still not up there yet. She can bluetooth videos/pictures from her phone if she wants to email them.

    I hope I am not asking too much.

    Thanks in advance.

    02-25-09 04:47 PM
  2. avt123's Avatar
    Get her a Bold.
    02-25-09 04:53 PM
  3. FuturaxLabs's Avatar
    I have 2 BB's, the Curve 8330 and the 8830 World Edition. I honestly would tell you that either of these devices is stable and pretty much a work horse. I switch between both my BB's and honestly i use them for both work and pleasure. I havent had any problems with either of my devices(knocks on wood). But everyone is going to have their own opinion on which model they prefer for diff reasons. I def wouldnt recommend the storm or the 8900 being that the storm has issues and the 8900 is a brand new device. Im not sure what provider your wife is on but i would recommend either the Curve or the 88xx series for reliability.
    02-25-09 04:54 PM
  4. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    i would say a curve. it's solid. the 88xx series is too but there's no camera, if that's anything...
    02-25-09 04:58 PM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Under your parameters I can share my expierence with the 87XX series (I had an 8700c). I agree the Storm is probably not for her. The 87XXs are very solid phones, that do NOT require battery pulls (maybe once in a blue moon), BUT are not multimedia capable so no music, videos and no camera. GREAT as a phone thou, and great for email, VERY mature software AND you can get one used VERY cheaply.

    EDIT: good for light web browsing and texting also!
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    02-25-09 05:54 PM
  6. mbudden's Avatar
    Any blackberry really is a workhorse. It's just deciding which one you'd like most.
    02-25-09 06:21 PM
  7. TexasTrainer254's Avatar
    Get her a Curve! and introduce her to CB
    02-25-09 06:32 PM
  8. cokecryptic's Avatar
    Curve thy are cheap now and they just don't DIE!
    02-25-09 08:07 PM
  9. elvin1983's Avatar
    I say, 88xx. You say she doesn't need a camera, 88xx doesn't have one, plus it has a better OS, but if price is an major factor, then the 87xx would be a good call.

    I don't think she needs a Curve, too many bells and whistles that you deem unnecessary, Pearl is the same way minus QWERTY. And you've already expressed your views on the Bold and Storm!
    02-25-09 08:23 PM
  10. Iceman's Avatar
    One more vote for the Curve here...
    02-25-09 08:26 PM
  11. Iya's Avatar
    Thank u all.....thank u very much,

    Let me do my homework here based on spec :

    8700 series
    Looking at RIM specs, I must choose the 8707g because it is the only one with Bluetooth capable of serial port communication. I assume this means it can receive files via bluetooth from a Nokia. Am I correct on this bluetooth thing ?

    If i don't get her a BB with camera function where one day she may need to email her staff at the office some work which has photo for info, she will hang me if there is no method to do so. She does distribution and retail, so emailing photo will be needed sometime. This unit is also a 3G ( we live and roam in GSM area ), so loosing EDGE option is OK.

    Upside : Supposed to be most reliable of all BBs
    Downside : No GPS, it means if her car ever breakdown and she doesn't know road names well and she is not with her driver, I can't track her down easy.
    Important...not really, she can ask road name and point me to a big building.
    If she is abroad with me and get lost when shopping, a GPS may come handy because we both are road blind.

    8800 series
    I will probably choose 8800 if not 8820 because its GSM only.
    Having quad band like 8830 may complicate things. I mean the simpler the unit is, less problem is likely...I am assuming.

    upside : 8800 I have no comment, 8820 has wi-fi, all has GPS
    downside : none is GSM 3G capable. A big deal...not really, I set my Bold on 2G all the time and only 3G mode if I upload file above 500kb and need it a bit faster. 3G on my carrier is not something to be proud of anyway...its slow and overcrowded with those cheapo data plan the laptop users rely on. I am assuming BIS service uses the same data channel as them. Does it ?

    8300 series, the Curve
    Being a GSM ( asia pacific type ) area, I will choose 8310 because of GPS, instead of 8320 which has wi-fi. Dang, I just realize how crazy RIM is...why not add US$20 to the retail price and add wi-fi to a 8310....why are they making such stupid options like having a GPS means no wifi ?

    upside : all has camera for photo, no video recording no big deal
    downside : newer than previous two families, OS is still evolving and small problems are still reported

    Now all I got to do is do more research on the three models. If I can't buy new ones for the 8800 and 8700 she will be pissed and thought I am a stingy Ba$****. Worse come to worse I will buy her one of 8800 or 8700 if only used unit available and one new 8310. She then can't complain and bug me... , let her decide multimedia benefits over rock solid stability.

    What do you guys think ?

    Many thanks

    02-26-09 04:24 AM
  12. Xopher's Avatar
    The only 3G BB with Wifi and GPS that it out right now if the Bold, which sounds like it could be overkill for what you are wanting it for.

    The other option is to look at a Curve 8900. I believe it has Wifi and GPS, but not 3G.
    02-26-09 08:09 AM
  13. pkcable's Avatar

    8820 sounds like a good option for her, you should be able to get one new, or so close to new she won't notice. Having wifi AND gps is handy. Despite not having a camera it will STILL be able to handle picture mailing, she will download the picture to her berry then attach it to an email, OR receive a picture and be able to view it on her berry. I think the 2G/3G issue will not be a problem, as 2G IS still pretty fast (I was ok with it on my 8700c), AND if she needs speed she's got the wifi and just needs to find a hot spot, they are EVERYWHERE here in the US, not sure about your country, BUT I'm sure she can find one when needed.

    Based on your assessment, I'd say 8820 is the way to go. New In Box if you can find one, or refurb, both of which should be out there. 87XX series would be harder to find new. Curve is bordering on too much phone for her (but I bet she would get used to it, BUT I assure you she WOULD bother you with questions), Bold is definately too much phone for her.

    Again my vote (not that I have one) based on what you have said would be 8820.
    02-26-09 08:54 AM
  14. jackm3's Avatar
    8700 series, no doubt
    02-26-09 09:22 AM
  15. vinndy's Avatar
    definitely get her the curve.
    02-26-09 09:33 AM
  16. pkcable's Avatar
    Gang he wants us to backup our opinions!
    02-26-09 12:33 PM
  17. skynny70's Avatar
    I had a 8703e that worked great and actually my wife uses it now still with no problems. I should also note I bought it used off of eBay. A very solid work horse.

    I currently use a Curve 8330 and have had no issues the couple of months I have had it.
    02-26-09 02:38 PM