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    So I did a quick search and saw that there were no topics on this but what I wanted to know if anyone in CrackBerry nation has ever tried or has a Witel phone? Here is a description straight from the site:

    With Witel you can make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world - for free. You don't need a computer - just your Witel phone. And with Witel, you get services that other companies make you pay for - like voicemail and call forwarding - for free. With Witel global mobile service, talk isn't just cheap - it's FREE.

    Welcome to the new revolution in calling
    Here is the website address: Witel - The World Is Your Network!

    From reading the website, it seems to have a lot of PROs going for it but of course someone can point out some CONs and it's definitely no BlackBerry but the idea & concept seems pretty sweet, especially if you're someone that makes a lot of long distance calls, like myself.

    So if anyone has this, please share your experience with all of us here, don't be shy or if you're interested in the phone, the technology and/or topic, lets discuss this.

    07-11-09 06:45 PM
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    I just saw this post. I have been a Witel user for about one week now and must say it is an incredible service. I was pretty skeptical at first but after speaking to one of their support people I realized the only downside I had was the 19.99. I installed Witel on my blackberry and have been using it making calls to Shanghai/HongKong/ Toronto/ And Seattle. The call quality has been fantastic and I have only been billied $19.99 with no extra taxes or fees just like they promised. I highly recommend this service and have also ordered their Jetter Phone for 60 bucks. I will let you know once I receive it how well it works.
    07-14-09 05:17 AM
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    Oh wow! Thanks for replying suru, I've been watching this topic like crazy hoping for someone to reply, I knew there had to be someone who has used it out of the million plus crackberry members.

    One thing that I'm curious about is how did you get Witel installed on your Blackberry?? If that's really possible, I'm even more excited to get going with them. Also, what kind of Blackberry are you using?

    Can't wait to hear about your experience once you get the phone, I hope you remember to post here, lol. Anyone else who has used the services of Witel is more than welcomed to post here too! We need as much input as possible!

    EDIT: Just found this link of a guy who posted his experience with the Witel phone and service. Kinda cool to see it in action:
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    07-14-09 06:53 AM
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    i have jetter phone and love it to death.. works perfect.... crystal clear. take some time to register to new open wifi but other than that for 19.99 unlimited and all the countries you can call is amazing....
    08-30-09 02:35 AM
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    Nope, not spam, just curious to the alternatives that are out there. Why pay an arm and a leg for contracts and data when there could possibly be a better solution out there for the same service. I'm all about the bottom line.
    09-07-09 01:08 AM
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    hu ....ok...but I thought witel was no longer offering this
    What do you mean? Did you hear news somewhere? Would love to see a link or something.
    09-10-09 10:36 PM
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    I have skypeand dongled a usb adapter or 19.99......woohoo
    Reported...stop spamming the Wifi section. You shouldn't be spamming anywhere actually...
    09-20-09 10:02 PM
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    09-21-09 08:08 PM
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    Moving on...

    Some pretty awesome news that I saw today in regards to Witel, they've released a iPhone App for their service, here's a snippet from the article:

    Witel Corp. (OTCBB:WITL) today announced that its application, Witel for iPhone, will be available on the Apple App Store beginning today. The app also adds Witel service to any second generation iPod touch with a compatible headset and microphone.

    The Witel application transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a global mobile phone that allows you do the following from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi network:

    * Make Free Witel-to-Witel calls from any Wi-Fi zone.
    * Make Calls to non-Witel phones in 48 countries for only $19.99 a month.
    * Receive calls to your Witel number anywhere in the world for Free.


    That is pretty cool, I'm more anxious now to get an iPhone since their phone has the easiest & simplest method to setup Wifi and you wouldn't have to deal with the hardware coming from Witel. Maybe even an iPod Touch would be pretty sweet since it's a lot cheaper.

    I think it's the services that Witel offers that's been drawing attention, as the world gets more connected, we want to be able to make phone calls anywhere with as little hassles as possible.
    09-22-09 01:04 PM
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    What ever the issue is between you two, I ask that you please take it to PM... NOW..

    09-23-09 09:19 AM