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    In fact I liked all my Bolds and now my new 9900 except of two things:

    In nightmode it would be nice to have the option to reduce the backlight with an additional offset to the auto-dim.
    My deskstand stands rigth to my bed and the night dim is still too high (same problem with all my Bolds)

    But a really important thing to change for the hybrid devices (touchscreen and keypad) is the possibility to optional disable the touchscreen in the ollowing ways:
    disable general
    disable at lock-screen
    disable at home-screen
    disbale at incoming-call-screen

    I know many professional BB users who have always the newest Bolds and also like the new touch feature but they dont like it when the touch is enabled while touching the screen at pulling the device out of the case (what realy easily happens).

    I also miss the mute button at the top of the device (device rings and I want to mute it with one touch, like with my 9700 which had one lock and one mute button at the top).
    For the 9900 which only has the lock button, I thing it would be nice to temporary turn the lock button to a mute button while the device is ringing...

    What do you think about my wish list?
    Is it possible to adress this wishes to RIM?
    03-26-12 08:15 AM