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    I know you can wipe your BB with the J cmder or with the BBSAK .Also by going to options>security options>general settings>and the the BBmenu button and select wipe .Assuming you can do any of the 3 ways to wipe are the the same thing just different approaches as to doing it? I mean if you phone is wiped then its wiped ,lol.
    I understand sometimes it may not be possible to wipe with just going tho the phones options but if you can it just seems that's the easiest way to to me .Thanks for opinions on this I don't need to but was just curious about before I do need to .

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    12-27-09 04:27 PM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    The security wipe on the phone itself wipes the phone back to factory settings.
    The way you got it in the box. All your info and third party apps are gone.

    BBSAK or JL Cmder not only wipe what I mentioned above, but wipe the entire OS
    off of the phone.
    12-27-09 04:38 PM