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    Hello, I'd like to ask you something. So I'm new in the berry world, and in the last 4 days I've been installing and uninstalling all sorts of apps, themes, etc.

    Now I have my final build I guess, so I need some advice. Should I backup my apps (BBSAK) and go for a wipe device and then reinstall them, or should I keep them as they are? I didn't notice any slowness in the device, but as I know with almost every device, pc, phone, the more app you test etc, the slower it gets, I wondered if that applied for my 9700 as well. What do you think?

    Its responsiveness is the same, but I just wanted to make sure.
    Thanks for any advice.
    08-10-10 03:31 AM
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    It is not necessary to completely wipe the phone, but if you feel you need to then go for it. TBH its not worth the hassle of wiping. The best thing to do is a battery pull for 30 seconds if you haven't yet.
    08-10-10 04:20 AM
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    Have you tried using the Memory Cleaner? Menu/Options/Security Options/Advanced Security Options/Memory Cleaner. Set the option to place an icon on the Home Screen to yes, then click it. Clears clipboards, caches and assorted furballs. Lol

    I also found several leftover folders from bb app world deleted apps, in the File Cabinet under File Folders/Media Card/Blackberry/App World. Delete all of the folders left over from old apps if you downloaded them through bb app world. Happy hunting!

    You can also go to bb app world, select My World. When the page showing your recent and deleted application downloads, you can hold down the Alt key and type, r-s-t. BB world will close out after this command and update your list. This also had a positive effect on my memory. It seemed to have flushed a lot of data left from previously deleted applications.

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    08-10-10 08:10 AM
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    I also think wiping is extreme. Albee had good advice - just make sure you've deleted the one's you don't want. There are a couple ways to back up your 3rd party apps. Crucial's method works well, too. Make sure to create a back-up file with desktop manager, and try to make one every week or so.

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    08-10-10 09:20 AM
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    Hey guys thanks for your input, however, as I upgraded from .586, I had to do a nice wipe, so now everything's in place, I wiped, then OS and restored apps!
    Took quite a while as I had to check mails for my serials (it appeared unregistered) but now I'm all set, running latest 5 OS version, and looking forward to seeing the upcoming os6!
    08-11-10 03:16 PM