1. Drayk's Avatar
    I'm a die hard BB Curve user but I really need to d/l WinMo 6.1 for an HTC 8525 AT&T unit. I'm a Contractor and don't want to trash my Curve when I'm hanging on jobsites all day. Can anyone tell me how to d/l WinMo 6.1?
    12-27-08 10:41 PM
  2. Redneckbutlerboy's Avatar
    The 8525 can only go to WM6.0
    12-27-08 11:41 PM
  3. Drayk's Avatar
    The 8525 can only go to WM6.0
    Do you know how I can get it?
    12-27-08 11:43 PM
  4. Redneckbutlerboy's Avatar
    This is the only thing I could find so far, but it looks like HTC may have pulled it off of there site already as I think it came out in '07

    Actions to take:

    Customers are encouraged to upgrade their AT&T 8525, or Cingular 3125 at the following links:
    AT&T 8525 - http://www.america.htc.com/support/8...downloads.html
    Cingular 3125 - http://www.america.htc.com/support/3...downloads.html
    The following is a list of other issues that will be upgraded:
    Windows 5.0
    12-27-08 11:52 PM
  5. Drayk's Avatar
    Thanks Man-All I've been able to come up with is empty pages as well. Thanks for the effort!
    12-27-08 11:58 PM
  6. Horizon Wireless's Avatar
    try this link, it is a great community for Win mobile users. xda-developers - Xda-developers
    12-28-08 01:18 AM