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    Hi guys, I donwloaded the new version of WLM a couple of days ago, since then I have been getting the Error 65: "Problem receiving data from server".

    I have tryied every suggestion found here on Crackberry forums and more with no luck, I have tried reinstalling it several times, some of them previously uninstalling it and several battery pulls with no luck...

    If anyone comes up with any other ideas, please, feel free to chime in.

    Also, since Im growing pretty tired of being without MSN, if anyone could point me to a download link to the previous version (2.1.xx) I would really apreciate it since every OTA link I have found so far directs me to the new version.

    Im running the latest official release of the BOLD OS, in case anyone wonders, actually I was running 4.6.297 and upgraded to *.*.301 without any difference regarding my original problem.


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    Have you tried an alternative app as a short term fix. BeeJive handles msn but it's a paid app however Palringo can do msn and a host of other chat services too and it's free.

    The native WLM app has always been useless for me. It stops receiving messages after a while so I think people have stopped chatting but then when I log on the messages bombard me as messages I received while off-line despite not being off-line.

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    09-26-09 09:24 AM
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    Hi, yes, actually I'm using the free trial of IM+ rigth now... I hope it is an issue regarding my service provider so later on I can use it since I'm not paying for an app...

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    09-26-09 04:01 PM