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    I have an older 811201 model that I used to use with my Kyocerra KPC650 data card.
    It comes with a cable that connected to the card.
    I noticed crackberry sells similar units, but I fail to see how they work/connect to blackberry. I have a 9650, but will probably upgrade to a 9930.
    Other than the microUSB and headphone jack, there appears to be no other ports on the phones.

    edit: link for my adapter
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    I think I found my answer, they're called repeater antennas.
    Repeater Antennas : 3Gstore.com
    05-17-12 01:30 PM
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    I think you want an amplifier/repeater kit. I have seen them in marine use. I don't know where you intend on using it, but in the case of the marine ones, you need ten feet or so separation from the black box receiver and the antenna for it to work. In other words, they may work in a home, but probably not in a car.

    Using the site you provided:

    3G & 4G Wireless Repeater Kits : 3Gstore.com

    Here is a FAQ on the site regarding the amplifier/repeaters

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