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    So I'm REALLY excited for BB10. Unfortunately, I'm in the US and unfortunately, I want the Q10...that aside, I'm wondering what everyone thinks about how these phones will be released in the US, particularly on Verizon. Recently, without explanation, Verizon has released their flagship devices SIM (GSM/UMTS) unlocked: the Droid DNA, the iPhone 5, and the WP 8X. I'm someone who likes to move between carriers on a whim, and these unlocked Verizon handsets offer the most flexibility in choosing a service provider (that is, they work on VZW LTE, AT&T/T-Mo/all GSM MVNOs and worldwide carriers). Prior to these recent devices, even if you managed to unlock a CDMA phone, VZW/Sprint would usually keep you locked when you're in the US - ie you could not put in a US-based GSM SIM and expect it to function.

    So, do you guys think Verizon will continue the trend and release their BB10 phones SIM unlocked out of the gate? I really hope so...
    01-30-13 11:59 AM

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