08-11-16 01:59 PM
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  1. RocPlayr's Avatar
    Already did...I never thought I would buy an Android, but here I am. Surprisingly, I enjoy it.
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    04-05-16 11:17 AM
  2. Tsarbomb's Avatar
    Just bought the Passport SE on sale.

    I was regretting the purchase until I actually got the phone. The nicest phone I've had the pleasure of playing with. I'll be using this phone until it dies.

    And yes I did slap the google play store on it to get those few apps (instagram, xbox one smartglass, and CBC).

    Also having Slack messages in my HUB thanks to S10 is the best.
    04-05-16 11:26 AM
  3. Zeratul57's Avatar
    The TRUTH is that there is no reason not to buy a BB. Best time is NOW and LATER!
    04-05-16 11:37 AM
  4. thatplaybookguy's Avatar
    my next phone wont be until my next free upgrade and it will be samsung's new folding phone coming out next year.
    04-05-16 11:39 AM
  5. James11106's Avatar
    I used to hate Blackberry's and everything they stood for. That was back in the early 2000's, when Blackberry dominated the market, especially among Wall Street types. I worked in credit risk and our risk models were showing that more and more of the mortgages being made were going to default, and when we presented our models to the Lehman and hedge fund people who owned our company, they -- usually 20-something Asian girls and 30-something Princeton soccer players -- just typed away and smirked or grimaced at their Blackberrys throughout the meetings, apparently bored by us. I eventually blamed Blackberry for the financial crisis when it finally occurred, for distracting all the investment bankers when the math that the credit risk geeks were trying to explain got too hard for them.

    But then I finally ended up with my own Blackberry Curve one day, and I've never looked back or purchased a different brand phone since, even though I've looked at many different options out there. Now I have a Passport SE, and it is by far the best, most useful, phone I've ever had or considered. It's just so much more useful, productive, and secure than anything else out there, and it's fun to use too. It's the BMW of the cell phone universe. It's a seriously engineered tool, not primarily a toy like all of the other phones out there seem to be. And because I am an executive now, I like that seriousness in a phone, even if it was a major marketing mistake by Blackberry not to recognize that it's the toy aspect that attracts most buyers to anything, not the tool aspect.

    (This was the case even with the original Blackberry's which served mainly as flirting machines for the investment bankers who dominated the early cell phone market and who should have been listening to the credit risk geeks instead of sharing jokes or snide comments from cute-co-workers. Blackberry missed the ball on that, which Apple and then Samsung promptly picked up.)

    So, yes, I'll by another Blackberry as long as they are making new phones and advancing the technology. I just hope they learn from the marketing mistakes from the past in order to keep up with the competition by putting more toy back in the tool -- which more access to more of the free, popular, flirty, cross-os communications apps, which is what really attracted so many people to Blackberrys in the first place, even if it was the excellent operating system and productivity features which justified those purchases.
    04-05-16 11:58 AM
  6. blueblood2013's Avatar
    I have had blackberry since 7100v right up to classic from z10 and z30 and never any other smartphones and don't forget the playbook today Iam tying for the 1 st time on iPhone 5 still keeping my blackberry for the moment to see how this goes, well what's the reason for the change
    Can't buy blackberry from carriers here in Ireland or from blackberry website a number of carriers don't support bbm on blackberry will work over wifi
    , what's app is a big part of my usage as not always in wifi coverage ,as much as I love blackberry the time has come to move the app gap is way to much and the fact that bb10 is dieing a slow death . I here you say the priv fixes app gap not willing to shell out 700 euro for android / blackberry . So I've started off with iPhone 5 today to see what direction to take mobile wise
    It's only day one and Iam telling myself should have done it years ago .
    Don't get me wrong I miss the hub and the flow of bb10 but that's about it
    04-05-16 12:14 PM
  7. AzN_KnIGHT's Avatar
    I have been waiting for the Vienna to be announced. However, at this point,my Q10 isn't meeting my needs and I would settle for a Priv. I'm hoping that a price drop for the Priv happens soon. $899 cdn is too pricey in my opinion.
    04-05-16 12:20 PM
  8. Erickffd's Avatar
    Yep... tried already all other mayor brands... BB is still the best and will try to stick to it for as long as possible (so far there is hardware with BBOS... never an Android one, it would be a step backward). Right now thinking to stock with Passports and Classic to brave the following years if needed.
    04-05-16 12:38 PM
  9. rapres's Avatar
    Only to come with Blackberry OS 10.4

    Android good and cheap find with any other brand...
    04-05-16 12:43 PM
  10. Matt J's Avatar
    BlackBerry is a Canadian company. I am Canadian and continue to buy BlackBerry as long as it serves my needs. The Priv serves those needs just fine.
    04-05-16 12:47 PM
    actually I already bought a Moto X second generation and an Asus phone dual sim in addition to Z30 and Passport. I see no future so started to test the waters for other options before the Z30 and Passport officially die. Or maybe Blackberry can do something really unexpected and release Android for the passport to give it like a life extention ...
    04-05-16 12:52 PM
  12. Bluenoser63's Avatar
    That's the big problem though. Supporting smartphones costs money. If BlackBerry isn't making profit off of selling smartphones than any additional money they invest into supporting them only adds to their total losses. I'm actually very surprised that BlackBerry has supported their BB10 devices as much as they have.
    They are getting term support contracts from enterprise/government customers for BB10 phones.
    04-05-16 12:54 PM
  13. SplatHead's Avatar
    Currently using the Passport and no, I most likely won't buy BB again. Not really a fan of ios and android which leaves me Win10Phone.. I have a 950 in the office and it really is a nice phone but.... it needs more work both in hardware and software.

    Use a Priv for a week and while it has the HUB <3 ... its still Android os with makeup. Hardware seems nice but didn't feel Blackberry. The most shocking thing - I used the keyboard maybe 5 times. Wasn't all that useful and like the Torch, was awkward to hold sometimes. (id still take the torch over the priv)

    I just want a powerful ~5" touch screen with all the bells and whistles.. including a removable battery..
    basically a new z10..
    04-05-16 12:56 PM
  14. quadcells's Avatar
    I have two Passports, RED and and AT&T version. I love these phones, but it seems BB is going in a different direction then I originally thought. I have been with BB for many years and had six different models. But unless they come out with something better than the Passport then I think I will move on when my Passports no longer do the job. I will not go Apple, do not care for their phones or company. So it will have to be Android or Windows?
    04-05-16 01:06 PM
  15. ioan_calin's Avatar
    04-05-16 01:08 PM
  16. shaleem's Avatar
    I learned never to say never.

    "It doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you."
    04-05-16 01:13 PM
  17. mjt107's Avatar
    Only if they update OS 10 devices. Will not buy an Android Blackberry.
    04-05-16 01:14 PM
  18. Karajorma's Avatar
    I would by a BlackBerry 10 (or 11) device. I wouldn't buy a BlackBerry Android device unless someone could sell me on why it is better value for money than the other android devices that cost a lot less.
    04-05-16 01:14 PM
  19. paso971's Avatar
    I'm still on my BB10 fix but I would switch my Z10 with a Priv at any time, as the Z10 is just my GPS and my MP3 player. I have the Passport for anything else!
    04-05-16 01:18 PM
  20. Cracktere's Avatar
    I admit it. I tried to download and install an updated operating system to my BB Z3 (my favorite BB, by far) 15 months ago. It didn't so smoothly and I spent officially, 14 hours on installing, uninstalling, rebooting etc., etc, etc. Then my boyfriend schnookered me into buying another phone brand through his company. Granted, I don't pay for phone because it's on his company account, but I miss the decision-making I would do on my own. So, I bought a Samsung because of the watch. I love the watch, can't stand the phone. Great thing about the watch is that I can leave the phone on silent and be notified of any and all electronic contacting through the watch. The watch stopped working. Hell hath shed its wrath on me. This little debacle started on 04/01/2016 went on to 04/02/2016 and for more than 3 hours on 04/04/2016. The watch cost me $199 and only Samsung can fix it. The minimum charge for repairing it is $226.00. Something is definitely loss in the translation here.

    I'm stuck in my boyfriend's contract for another nine months. Ten months from now, I will scour the Blackberry site to see what's up.
    04-05-16 01:21 PM
  21. newfie1974's Avatar
    I did something last week i never thought i would ever do.. gave up my BB and got a Note 5. I guess the relationship is over.
    But i feel BlackBerry gave up on me first.. it was good while it lasted.
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    04-05-16 01:34 PM
  22. svelt's Avatar
    Sure, if the Vienna comes out. Not really a fan of BB10 and its huge application limitations, but here for the PKB and Canadian sentiment.
    04-05-16 01:41 PM
  23. Graheem's Avatar
    Probably not. Given it nearly 10 years. Android now...and next won't be BB.
    04-05-16 01:48 PM
  24. ynak's Avatar
    yes, I will
    04-05-16 01:52 PM
  25. niumxp's Avatar
    I will go nexus with all the blackberry apps (hub, calendar, camera, notes,etc..)
    I think it's a good deal if bb10 doesn't get an upgraded device. My q10 is overloaded and it's hard for the phone to handle the 2016 android apps

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-16 01:58 PM
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