1. LaidBack808's Avatar
    i heard we might get the the 8900...
    but that just what i heard
    11-25-08 11:41 PM
  2. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Check out the Sprint/Nextel forum over in the Carriers section. There's many threads posted regarding your question.
    11-26-08 01:48 AM
  3. hooversalem9876's Avatar
    From what I was told about a month ago by a sales rep for sprint who's in to blackberries there are new ones coming but rim is being tight lipped and so is sprint. The manager was asked too and comfermed it in front of me aswell both these guys have bbs on their hips. I asked cause I want a new one hey guess q1 or q2 prob q2 next year. Hope this helps

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    11-26-08 01:57 AM
  4. crispycutz's Avatar
    probably by 2011 we should see the bold
    11-26-08 06:52 AM
  5. SpicyPeppermint's Avatar
    I've been asking the same thing from T-Mobile...At least Sprint is somewhat up to date...
    11-27-08 12:38 AM
  6. NursingNinja's Avatar
    I am just waiting for the 9900

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    07-03-11 08:35 PM
  7. dalton4L's Avatar
    ... Three years later...
    07-04-11 01:38 AM