View Poll Results: Who will win the bid to buy Nortel?

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  • Nokia-Siemens

    5 16.67%
  • RIM

    16 53.33%
  • Apple

    1 3.33%
  • Palm (laughs)

    1 3.33%
  • Ericsson

    2 6.67%
  • Alcatel-Lucent

    5 16.67%
  1. tpapa5520's Avatar
    I think this is a liittle bit more possible then RIM every buying Palm.

    So Nortel is bankrupt and so far RIM has almost doubled Nokia-Siemens "stalking-horse" bid with a $1.1billion dollar offer but RIM wants to purchase more than one part of Nortel, which so far is against the rules of the auction set to take place (must wait one year before bidding on an additional part - from what i understand). So, will Nokia counter it, or will more bids from different companies emerge?

    Nortel wireless auction may heat up | Reuters
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    07-22-09 06:22 AM
  2. Tyrrell117's Avatar
    That's weird I thought Nokia-Siemens already aquired Nortel.
    07-22-09 08:16 AM
  3. tpapa5520's Avatar
    nope, Nokia-Siemens were just the ones Nortel picked to start the bidding (the stalking-horse bid).

    Stalking-Horse Bid = An initial bid on a bankrupt company's assets from an interested buyer chosen by the bankrupt company. From a pool of bidders, the bankrupt company chooses the stalking horse to make the first bid. from Investopedia
    07-22-09 08:23 AM
  4. Soloman02's Avatar
    What does Nortel have that RIM could possibly gain? I thought Nortel only made 802.3 (ethernets) and 802.11 (wi-fi) products?
    07-22-09 09:25 AM
  5. tpapa5520's Avatar
    Nortel currently has a lot of patents/information on current CDMA networks as well as LTE technology and they have a lot of patents in MIMO (antenna) technology.
    07-22-09 09:33 AM
  6. cenloe's Avatar
    No, RIM wont. Dont really care who will if it isnt RIM.
    07-22-09 09:59 AM
  7. Ronindan's Avatar
    What does Nortel have that RIM could possibly gain? I thought Nortel only made 802.3 (ethernets) and 802.11 (wi-fi) products?
    Rim wants to acquire Nortel hardware components and patents especially in the LTE space.
    07-22-09 10:19 AM
  8. Gawain's Avatar
    Avaya is pretty much a lock for NORTEL's phone system business. My understanding is that Nokia Siemens was successful in getting NORTEL's CDMA unit. I read just yesterday on that RIM and Nokia aren't on the same page.

    Having said that, I think RIM will end up buying a bunch of NORTEL's patents, but I don't know that they would be well served by buying many hard assets. The "cash - cows" aren't available anymore.
    07-22-09 02:23 PM
  9. thymaster's Avatar
    What does Nortel have that RIM could possibly gain? I thought Nortel only made 802.3 (ethernets) and 802.11 (wi-fi) products?
    Here's an interesting read on the benefits of RIM buying parts of Nortel. It would be huge for RIM.

    Why are Nortel's remains so interesting? - The Globe and Mail
    07-22-09 05:11 PM
  10. exoduster18's Avatar
    Nortel has all of the above mentioned patents/products as well as doing SONET/OSI Model Layer 2 Transport devices used in Fiber Optic networks.....
    07-22-09 08:23 PM
  11. Raptor007's Avatar
    Considering the tens of billions of dollars Nortel spent on aquiring other companies and, I recall recently they sold off one part for a 10% of what they paid for it. I know Nortels product line well enough to know they did themselves in, they failed their shareholders, the Canadian people and their gov't and Cisco didn't have to take them out either.

    Nortel should have no say in whether or not RIM wants one, two, heck five parts of the company. What should matter is the stockholders, and creditors get something for their money being frittered away.
    07-22-09 08:43 PM
  12. defcon3's Avatar
    It is over - the one that NOBODY voted for actually outbid them all...

    Ericsson got the sweet deal for USD 1,3BN

    Ericsson outbids Nokia Siemens, wins Nortel deal | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Dallas Business News
    07-26-09 01:25 AM
  13. boomhower1820's Avatar
    That is a lot of dough, as a whole is was more than RIM needed but they may still be able to weasel a couple key patents from Ericsson.
    07-26-09 09:47 AM
  14. tpapa5520's Avatar
    LOL, I don't think its over, I have yet to read an article from a canadian source, but Canada definetly wanted the highest bidder to keep some Canadian Nortel employees hired, and Nokia said they would. If anything their is now a slightly higher chance the Canadian Gov't will intervene.

    We won't know who really one till the US and Canada approve the deal on July 28th.
    07-26-09 10:03 AM
  15. Aetius's Avatar
    Nokia is planning on keeping the employees it "bought". However, the same fate will not be bestowed upon those who were "purchased" with the Siemens deal.
    07-31-09 11:49 PM