02-26-16 10:45 PM
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    I think the sum of all the acquisitions BB is making should keep the company in business for a long time. I'm not sure how big or valuable BB will be, but I think they will be around with their growing collection of various small to med size businesses.

    I think QNX will continue to grow, but as others have said, that is a small business compared to handsets and things like that. I can't see car companies ever agreeing to recurring service fees unless they can pass that cost through to customers directly, in which case I think few customers will want to pay yet another annual or monthly fee for their cars.

    So far the IoT business seems to be nothing more than selling the Neutrino kernel, which they've been selling for years already. I don't see anything new there yet, and I doubt they can keep up with companies like Amazon in real IoT services at scale.

    People talk about the BB NOC, but what is the state of that NOC? At its peak it probably handled a tiny fraction of the traffic we would expect from the modern IoT world. How much has BB invested these past few years in modernizing and growing the NOC? How much of it is 10-20 years old at this point?

    I don't see them keeping up with the pack on IoT. I do see QNX being a solid, if not very large, business. And I definitely see the acquisitions taken as a whole keeping the company alive for quite some time.
    This! The NOC is probably very old now. That's likely why BBM video isn't coming to android and ioS.
    Moreover QNX was acquired by Lazaridis and applied to IoT. It's not at all John Chen's idea to apply it to IoT and in cars.
    02-26-16 10:45 PM
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