07-22-11 02:30 PM
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    Is anyone still live on here because I need a favor it will take about 30 seconds of your time and totally save my @ss with the GF. Please help a fellow crackberry user out ASAP
    07-22-11 09:19 AM
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    I need to send a BBM to someone so my GF can see it was sent and read and think it was sent to someone else although I really dont need that person to actually read the message that would be very painful for me
    07-22-11 09:21 AM
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    The only reason google would bother is to obtain patents. Every other reason describes something that google could do without buying rim.
    The real question is, had google shown any interest in the areas rim has patents in? Phone tech? No. Design? Even if they did, look at the xprt. Bbos? No, they have android. A secure and virus free platform? I think android proves beyond argument they don't care about that in the slightest (remember, they make money by gathering your info for targeted advertising).
    So when you actually stop to think about it, it's very unlikely that google will buy rim.

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    Not that it is acceptable that android devices were/are collecting info but so are Apples devices. Personally it doesnt bother me.

    Google ruin blackberry, idk mike and Jim have done a great job ruining blackberry on their own. Tbh I would love to see google buy blackberry. Yes I'm new to the platform still stary eye'd with my Samsung galaxy tab and Samsung infuse, but I've had my fair share of force closes. You also have to realize google isn't gunna tell a manufacturer what they can or can't do with the phone really, other wise moto-blur probably wouldn't have been a thought. If blackberry is treated as an individual entity and be allowed to still produce the biggest thing android would gain is secure devices able to be used in the u.s government, were as blackberry would gain the marketplaces. The only things that might change is maybe the skin to look a little more like an android but blackberry has themes to begin with. More then likely they would offer a android theme with Widgets and a classic blackberry theme without Widgets then a custom theme that has both. I don't think it would kill blackberry, if anything help with new blood and crazy pants marketing.
    Now with honeycomb and qnx I'm thinking that they may offer qnx up as an alternative to honeycomb. Personally honeycomb is no better then froyo, between honeycomb and qnx hands down qnx is better. I would think they could do themes on top of qnx to make it look like honeycomb.
    The market places are the same percentage no matter what platform you have be it ios, Android, HP, windows, or nokia. All the market places are about 87% crap apps, 3% border line, and 10% decent. I proved that to my self when I got a Ipad, you would think the king of mobile would be different.
    If mike and Jim aren't removed the best thing that could happen is a buyout by google. Remember they aren't big on pressuring manufacturers to do anything but put the android name on a device. The playbook really isn't to far off being an android because well you know with that android player. I would rather see blackberry be its own but between a buyout of ios or google, google hands down.

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    I couldnt have said it better. Props on your post.
    07-22-11 02:30 PM
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