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    Research In Motion (RIMM) has been through some tough times recently. The dynamics of the smartphone market have changed dramatically over the past three years. Research In Motion was the pioneer in the market; however, its failure to re-engineer itself has proven to be the demise of the company. Lack of innovation and failure to adopt new trends in the market has hurt the company. At the moment, the market is heavily skewed towards Apple (AAPL), Samsung Electronics (SSNLF.PK) and Google Inc (GOOG).

    Major players in the smartphone market have worked on innovation and better user experience along with a focus on the enterprise use. As a result, these giants have been able to take a lion's share from the market. On the other hand, companies like RIMM have been left to live on the scraps. RIMM has lost substantial business, and the company is currently going through some testing times. However, there is a ray of hope, everything is not lost yet. The company will soon launch its latest edition of BlackBerry phone, which is expected to change the direction of the company. A lot of investors are hoping that the phone will prove to be a major catalyst for the company. Let's look at the prospects of the success of the new Blackberry phone.

    Will BlackBerry 10 Prove to be a hit?

    Will BlackBerry 10 Save Research In Motion? - Seeking Alpha
    01-08-13 07:02 AM
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    It has too. BlackBerry can not afford BB10 to fail. If it does, RIM will be crippled maybe beyond repair.
    01-08-13 08:47 AM

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