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    I recently bought a used 8100 Pearl, was told it had wireless connectivity (Even shown an icon stating wireless on/off!!) but did not realise this did not mean i could not connect to wireless (wifi) networks, I get a very poor signal at home for internet connection via i think GSM so i was wondering could i connect at home via bluetooth to a laptop connected to my home wifi network? and if so HOW???

    Steve aka tactilepoet
    01-21-10 08:21 AM
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    Huh? The 8100 has no wifi at all. The 8120 does. You can pair the laptop and 8100, and if it is set up correctly, you can have the laptop use the phone's EDGE internet connection, but not the other way around. The 8100 will never see internet speeds faster than EDGE. I use Tmobile which allows tethering at no extra charge.

    The 8120 however, can connect to a wifi network, and can even use your home's wifi internet connection (or any wifi) not only for data, but for voice as well.

    ^^^my 8120 on the left, and 8100 on the right^^^

    ^^^my 8100 on the left, and 8120 on the right^^^

    The phone will flat out say "wifi" like in the pics if they are connected. Yea my network name is weird. Freaks out neighbors.
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    01-21-10 09:52 AM
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    +1. Sorry buddy, no wifi on any Pearl except the 8120.

    Sage... awesome network name, how much is your plan? I'm willing to switch just for the title!
    01-21-10 11:39 AM
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    You may be able to connect to your PC by Bluetooth to connect to wifi.
    01-21-10 12:14 PM
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    You may be able to connect to your PC by Bluetooth to connect to wifi.
    I'm sorry, but that's never going to happen. You figure it out, there's a lot of people who would love the solution.

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