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    Hi I'm extremely new to this whole Blackberry and data plan business, I just recently got the curve 8900 with a 500mb data plan from Rogers. I just have a couple of questions cause I really don't want to go over my 500mb limit, so if anyone can help that'll be great

    1) Exactly how much is 500mb? I've been told it's a lot and I can chat on BBM and MSN as long as I want, but will not be able to view youtube videos since that will use a lot of the mb

    2) if I switch to my WiFi and use my wireless network at home... browsing, msn chats won't use up my 500mb will it? Also I heard that in order to use bbm you need a data plan, so I assume that it will use up my 500mb and not go with the wireless

    3) How exactly does my 500mb get use up? If I'm just signed onto bbm and MSN without chatting to anyone, would that use up the data?

    Lastly someone was talking about making sure you're on an UMA plan or else you get charge? being on an UMA plan means a wireless network right?

    Thanks a bunch for the help
    01-28-09 02:54 PM