1. mindbox's Avatar
    Does anybody know if there is a way to view the stored wifi connection passwords, asterisked out and no way to copy or reveal it seems. pls help... Curve 8520.
    03-28-10 03:17 PM
  2. je61's Avatar
    Lol me too

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    03-29-10 10:40 PM
  3. mindbox's Avatar
    I was wondering if it might be stored in one of the BB databases, but not sure how I would access them.
    03-31-10 10:44 AM
  4. brendan88's Avatar
    Just wanted to bump this old topic as I was wondering the same thing!! Does anybody know where the wireless passwords are stored on your bb, or how to make the asterisks show plain text?

    03-28-11 01:17 PM
  5. Ryzer's Avatar
    Wondering the same thing, anyone have an answer?
    09-04-11 07:45 AM
  6. parentint's Avatar
    I was wondering the exact same thing.
    Can anyone help?
    Wondering the same thing, anyone have an answer?
    04-19-12 12:38 PM
  7. raino's Avatar
    It's not possible, and for obvious security reasons. What if someone happened to come across your device and was able to get the WiFi password to your home?
    04-20-12 10:13 AM
  8. coldman75's Avatar
    Not solved
    04-27-12 02:58 AM