1. Mike_21's Avatar
    Sorry to start a new thread on this but I did post in one of the threads last night with no replies.

    I have tried everything that I have saw posted so far but I am still only getting the grey WIFI simple..

    - I have sent services book about 5 times.
    - I have done the register host routing table thing about 5 times.
    - I have turned off and on WIFI and 3G network.
    - I have tried using just WIFI.
    - I have deleted my WIFI connection and reset it up.
    - I have reset the phone a couple of times.
    - I have re-activated the phone.

    Twice the WIFI simple did turned white and the first time I was able to load one web page but right after it loaded the WIFI went grey again. The second time in the middle of loading the first web page it turned grey and failed to load because I had the 3G network off.

    Any help with be greatly appreciated.

    10-31-09 06:42 AM
  2. rholford's Avatar
    I called vzw tech support and talked with them and the guy told me that it just wasn't possible to get the email and bbm over wifi at this time. my wifi logo still being grey, and there just wasn't anyway around this. he had me delete all my service books except provisioning and he resent them. then later last night i noticed that my wifi had turned solid white! surprise to me! i turned off the network and sent myself some email from the laptop and it popped right up on my phone. haven't tried the bbm yet though. don't know what changed but it's working right now...
    10-31-09 08:56 AM
  3. Summiebee's Avatar
    I am having trouble as well. I entered in my home WEP key and I got the error mdg that the WEP key must be 10 or 26 hexadecimal digits.
    10-31-09 09:16 AM
  4. L_Boogie820's Avatar
    Go to this through your phone:

    BlackBerry Internet Service

    Do a device switch, have your pin and meid# and enter your information.

    ater you do that from the device, hit save.
    validate your email, etc just for extra measure.
    resend your service books
    register your host routing table.

    it should work after those steps. i was frustrated with it as well, then i finally got home and did it and with my radio off, i was receiving bbms, emails, and internet.
    10-31-09 09:53 AM