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    I recently tried the WiFi on the 9550 - strange thing was the speed wasn't all that impressive. I went to ipchicken to see what my IP was, and instead of being the IP of the network I was on (home network, I know my IP) it showed a different one. Does WiFi traffic still go through BIS or something?

    I double checked that I wasn't going over EVDO because I disabled the radio - it was pure WiFi. Also, I know I was connected to my home network, not some random Linksys or public network.

    11-09-09 12:28 AM
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    I think you've got it backwards. WiFi traffic does not go over BIS; it's the BIS traffic that travels either by cell network or by WiFi.

    Use the Internet Browser to pull up ipchicken, and you'll get the BIS server's IP.
    Use the HotSpot Browser to pull up ipchicken, and you'll get your broadband modem's IP.

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    11-13-09 08:42 PM
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    Thanks for your reply, but I'm still confused. I'm home and my BB is connected to my WiFi network.

    On my PC, IP chicken says:
    67.84.197.X, Name Address: XXX.dyn.optonline.net

    On my blackberry (WiFi on/Radio off) IP chicken says:
    206.53.157.X, Name Address: 206.53.157.X

    The X's are numbers, but obviously I removed them.

    My question is why are the IPs different if I'm directly connected to my home network?

    11-13-09 10:19 PM
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    Ipchicken is reporting the address of the gateway accessing it. It doesn't matter that your BB is connected through your WiFi; it matters which gateway your browser is going to. If the default browser on your BB is set to Internet Browser, you will always get the BIS address because the Internet Browser goes to the BIS gateway. Only the HotSpot/Wi-Fi browser uses your WiFi router as the gateway.

    HotSpot/Wi-Fi Browser

    Internet Browser
    BB->Mobile Network->BIS->ipchicken.com

    BOLT Browser
    BB->Mobile Network->Bolt->ipchicken.com

    In the BB browser click Menu->Options, click General Properties, and change the Default Browser to HotSpot/WiFi Browser. Then click Escape, click Cache Operations, and clear the content cache and pushed content. I did these steps with the Internet Browser and HotSpot Browser; I also pulled up Bolt. Here are my own results, through my WiFi router:

    Internet Browser: 206.53.153.xxx (*.blackberry.net - BIS gateway)
    HotSpot Browser: 71.194.133.xxx (*.comcast.net - my router IP)
    WAP Browser: 208.54.7.xxx (*.tmodns.net - WAP gateway)
    BOLT Browser: 174.132.58.xxx (*.boltbrowser.com - BOLT gateway)
    11-23-09 06:18 PM
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    I was curious about this too. On my Bold 9700, in my Advanced Options, in Browser, it says:
    Default browser config.: Internet Browser
    Default MDS browser config.: Internet Browser
    Default WAP browser config.: Get New Games
    I'm curious as to what this means.. default browser or default mds browser.. I can set the option for Default browser config. to Hotspot Browser/Internet Browser/Get New Games. Should I change it to Hotspot Browser? I have WiFi at home, and would prefer it use my WiFi over my data plan for two reasons, WIFI is faster than 3G and because it may help me save money on my data plan when I get my Rogers Wireless bill every month. Is there a way to tell which browser my BB is using? Does it automaticly choose my WiFi connection when I'm in range over 3G??
    Thanks for any help!! Mark
    08-04-10 11:28 AM