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    Right this is the situation.

    I bought a blackberry 9300 curve 3G connected it no problem to my wireless at home.

    My brother bought the same phone today and it refuses to light up the WiFi logo. It stays greyed out therefore not using the WiFi. It states that its connected to the network.

    I hav deleted the network and reconnected with still no joy and yet my blackberry works no problem. I have checked my router status and even on there it states there is 2 blackberrys connected aswel as my laptop. Therefore the connection between the phone and router is complete so changing to WEP or Disabled secruity isnt going to help any.

    The only thing that i can see different in the two phones is that on the working blackberry when you go into Manage Connections the WiFi has 2 ticks. And the one thats not working has 1 tick at the start and a dash like this -- at the end

    For the life of me i cant find where the problem is, it must be a setting in the phone but from what i can see the settings all match up to the settings on my blackberry which works fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    03-09-11 10:52 AM