1. misscarr21's Avatar
    So my Blackberry 8830 has been off (no service, no calling) for over two months now and for some strange reason it is still allows me to browse the internet....i have absolutely no problem with this but i am wondering is this a feature with the actual phone itself? Or am i gonna be charged a grip afteward???
    12-07-07 04:13 PM
  2. tomdick's Avatar
    well its not wifi. maybe it still regstied to blackberry kinda strange but cool. i dont know if id use it thoe they might try and charge you
    12-21-07 02:22 PM
  3. Springhiler BB8830's Avatar
    Easy case of ISP Technician not finishing the Work Ticket. Cust Serv cancelled your Acct but service still remained established. Now youhave used it a min or two.. it will show up and flagged in a Pending Action Report. This report shows technicial activity which lags Administrative (sometimes a few weeks but usually by a day or two). If you had not used the link, it would have been there and not known.. just forgotten. Now it is noticed as Activity without Account and will be flagged. Usually a onsite tech daily cleanup job. I would worry about it unless they send you a thank you check to say thank you for bring it to their attention.
    08-12-11 06:23 PM