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    Hi All,
    OK, WTH? I have an "old" 8900 that sits in my drawer for a backup to my 9700. Today I pulled it out and started working on getting it to work on WiFi without a working sim. Turns out all I had to do was to set the browser to default to WiFi Hotspot. I noticed it seemed MUCH faster than the 9700.

    Now, I have always thought my WiFi speed was "slow" when using Speedtest. It usually runs about 400 kbits/s. I ran the 8900 after getting WiFi working and it ran 1750 kbits/s. I scratched my head a little, and then tried taking the sim out of my 9700 and putting it in the 8900 so that it would register (and the wifi icon turn white). Ran speedtest and got 400 kbits/s. While I had the sim out of the 9700, I ran it again and now it's running 1750 kbits/s.

    It would appear that the registration and running "thru" the BIS servers just hoses the data speed. I have tried it with both phones with the sim installed. With or without with the network connection turned on it still registers and turns the icon white. And runs in the 400 range. In either phone with the sim pulled so it doesn't register and turn white, it runs in the 1700+ range. Does anybody know how to disable the WiFi from registering with BIS so it stays grayed out even with a working sim? I don't want to go to the carriers site and change my PIN, I still want to get email thru my data plan. I just don't want to run my WiFi thru BIS. Thanks in advance for any help.....
    06-22-10 05:33 PM