1. stockdogg's Avatar
    Hey everybody,

    On my browser I can't seem to watch youtube videos or other "high-data" web pages anymore...I get a "this is a wifi service only" message. Now, it will work with WIFI turned on but I know I didn't get these messages to begin with just on 3G. If I change everything to medianet I get "x-portal or try the page anyway" screen that comes up. I updated to 5.0 last week and everything was running ok, I thought...I have messed with some settings, but I can't seem to get the internet to work properly just on 3G...I've tried changing browser support HOTSPOT, and making sure everything is checked marked but nothing seems to work.

    Any suggestions? Do you guys need more detailed error messages? Sorry I know this might be confusing, I don't have my phone on me at the moment.

    01-19-10 01:03 AM
  2. XyKo's Avatar
    Try a battery pull yet?
    01-19-10 08:46 AM