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    I just upgraded from the Tour to the Bold. The phone works great! Some nice new features. However, the wifi is not working or I just don't know what I'm doing . It picks up my linksys wireless adapter and the top of the Bold says "Home" in the center and the WIFI is lit up on the right. However, there are only 2 green bars when I check for signal strength and only once in a while does the internet and/or e-mail work correctly. Not sure why there are only 2 green bars, since my laptops work great and it is a very strong signal coming out of my wireless adapter.

    Is the phone defective or am I doing something wrong? Any helpful hints would be great! Thanks.
    01-27-11 02:44 PM
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    Well, it sounds like the wifi is working if youre getting the "Home" name of your router. It could just be a signal issue.

    There's not too much of a difference in speed of the internet on your BB with wifi - pretty sure its because of the processor on the 9650. You can notice a difference between wifi and 3g when you're downloading though. For example, when I download a video in 3G, I can get 30-50kb/sec. When I connect to wifi and download I can sometimes get anywhere between 150-300 kb/sec.

    I did the same thing you did - went from the Tour to the Bold. I did it for the wifi at first, but this week I realized I did it for another reason....
    On your profile you listed Verizon as your carrier. OS 6 came out 2 days ago and its freakin awesome! Plus, it seems like the browser is faster. Check it out if you havent already.

    Good luck
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    01-27-11 02:56 PM
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    You should check the wifi diagnostics on your bb and see what kind of signal you are getting. You may be getting a weak signal
    01-27-11 03:26 PM