1. Photo01's Avatar
    A quick question for all you experts:

    I'm planning on getting a Storm 2 once it's released up here in Canada, but have 1 (or more) nagging question.

    I have a Wireless Network at Home as well as a different Wireless Network at work. Is it possible to set up an Odin to recognize both wireless networks and to work with either one without problems? Can it be set up to log-on to either network upon discovery?

    Another question for someone: What will be the main differences on a Storm 2 running on Telus's CDMA Network (9550) versus one running on it's new HSPA network (9520)? Would I be better off buying a 9520 out of the US or getting a 9550 directly from Telus when it's released? My wife and I also do quite a bit of globe-trotting, so having an unlocked phone would really come in handy. Which phone would be better to have for travelling (East Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America, India, etc.....)?

    I work in the Alberta Oilpatch chasing drilling rigs around Western Canada, so I am almost always quite far away from civilization (100's of miles!). Should I get the 9550 (CDMA) phone to ensure I can connect wherever I work?

    Don't laugh, but I STILL have an Analog Bag Phone that I used up until very recently when Telus finally mothballed their Analog system!


    11-04-09 11:32 AM
  2. koki's Avatar
    as for the wifi network question you can have multiple networks save it and the phone will scan and connect to it
    11-04-09 11:39 AM
  3. jcorcoran01's Avatar
    i would get the 9550 and unlock it to work on any gsm so you can use either cdma or gsm
    11-04-09 11:42 AM
  4. Photo01's Avatar
    So, am I correct in my understanding that the 9550 is the more capable phone in that it will connect to either a CDMA or GSM (HSPA) network where the 9520 will only work with the GSM (HSPA) network?
    11-04-09 11:48 AM