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    Hey guys,

    I have a 8220 from Rogers, which i'm currently using overseas with French
    carrier SFR. For the most part, the phone is reliable with its super speedy
    GPRS service. J/K about GPRS.

    No, mine concern is that the wifi performance seems very sketchy. As I am
    on a pay as you go, I rely on wifi for most of my access from wifi. Between
    my two routers (Dlink dir 625 and Cradlepoint MBR1000) I find that using
    WIFI is unreliable. Data and Web pages loading in BB seem to get stuck,
    give page can't be displayed, have to be refreshed. I've tried various
    Router settings, such as KB suggested DTIM 2 and WMM enabled, no
    assistance. Wifi seems great when first turned on, but will be random hit
    and miss, instead of fully reliable. Distance to my router is about 2 - 5

    Any RTS Threshold or Framentation (or other advanced Wifi setting
    suggestions )? Forcing B or G, or B/G ? What works best for Data ? And
    for Voip applications (IM+ Talk, Skype alternatives)?

    Doing continuous ping to handset's ip seems to help with reliability, but I
    image this quickly cooks the battery.

    My other concerns is the general OS feel, seems very sluggish. Moving
    trackball between applications is often delayed, whether or not its a freshly
    rebooted phone. Is this 'normal' of this particular model?

    I'm running OS, but have tried other versions of 4.5 and 4.6.
    What are the best suggestions for builds: 'most speedy' os, 'most reliable'
    and 'most features' for this phone?

    Many thanks,
    07-22-10 02:56 AM
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    I wouldn't use the built-in browsers on a foreign carrier. HotSpot browser is going to be slow no matter what. Try BOLT which is a WebKit browser that hits Bolt servers instead of RIM. You can d/l Bolt for BlackBerry by going to boltbrowser.com in BB built-in browser .

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    07-26-10 01:50 PM