1. kasem's Avatar
    i have a blackberry bold 9780 running os and i'm having a problem since 2 days.
    i just got a new modem at a new provider and my wifi doesn't work that well i do get blackberry service and everything but my browser doesn't work with wifi it loads like 1/4 of the bar and then it stops loading.
    i live in the netherlands and my provider is KPN,
    can anyone help me??
    07-02-12 02:16 PM
  2. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Is it the same wifi router as before? Or did you change that when changing ISP?

    Is your computer broadband running okay? Is the computer connected via wifi?

    Could be worth changing the channel the wifi is operating on. Especially if you are in an area of densely packed housing.
    07-03-12 02:54 PM