1. abbiekr1811's Avatar
    I use a Mac to update my software.

    My BB 9300 3G updated its software. Before i was able to only use wifi for internet browsing as i do not have a data plan and did not want to be charged.

    with this new software i do not know how to set it, so that it only uses wifi and not data that can charge me.

    PLEASE HELP I thought it was working just on wifi and now have a bill :L

    If this is not possible how can i go back to the older device software where i was able to set it?
    05-19-11 06:12 PM
  2. tbrenn's Avatar
    Most newer OS's / devices require a BIS plan to use the device properly... you can try a third party browser...

    go into your settings and turn mobile data off...

    if you want to try rolling back the OS, go here - http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/ho...system-208714/

    Generally the idea of getting a blackberry included a BIS plan... hope you can find a workaround...
    05-19-11 08:22 PM