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    Just curious how users are find the WiFi performance with the 85xx series of PDAs. I currently have a 9630 Tour but need WiFi since I can't get good cell reception at my work place. I'd like to wait for the newer Tour with WiFi to come out, but may not be able to wait that long. Both + and - comments appreciated.


    12-29-09 11:55 PM
  2. kcwmom's Avatar
    the 8530 has great wi-fi connection! much faster than the blackberry service.
    12-30-09 12:59 AM
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    WIFI Performance!!! I have the Curve 8530 and it's been great. I was worried at first because at home it seems to go the WIFI goes in and out; the data icon highlighted white and going to gray but I now know it's something with my router or it's settings. I have a Netgear N router and I read somewhere on here that sometimes N routers settings may need to be changed to G. ??? But anyway, yesterday I was in the hospital and the hospital has WIFI coverage thru out the building and I connected to it and the connection was 100% rock solid. I stayed connected via WIFI the entire 9 hours that I was there; the WIFI icon stayed white. The speed was awesome. The was a time that I was in the basement of the hospital and you can barely receive the mobile network signal so I turned off the mobile connection and just ran WIFI and my emails were rolling thru, no problem. The internet again was super fast and most of my apps were able to use the WIFI only connection. Even BBM worked with no hiccups what so ever via WIFI only.
    So far, I'm quite happy with my 8530. I have a Tour for demo right now (vz emp) and I rarely pick up the Tour. My Curve tends to be faster than the Tour and at the bare min. just as fast. Like I said, I love the 8530 and I'm very happy I choose it over the Tour.
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    12-30-09 03:47 AM
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    i have had the 8520 for less than a month and so far no problems with Wifi. I dont have BIS and so i rely on wifi for browsing and using apps, pretty satisfied with the speed
    12-30-09 05:22 AM