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  1. situ's Avatar

    I have gone through many threads but could not get a satisfactory answer. I am new to BB and its by second week (8520). I use Wifi for most of my applications, like the browser, viigo, twitter. However my BB Apps, Google Map, Iskoot & few other apps do not run with wifi. I have a plan active with Vodafone for mails and messenger.

    My Questions

    1. Is there a way to connect the above as well with Wifi?
    2. How do I know when is my Wifi working and not GPRS.
    3. Is there a setting on BB 8520 where I can put Wifi as my preferred connection over GPRS. I have a limited download plan and it hurts to see that @ home it connects with GPRS when I can use wifi.

    Any kind of info/reply on these issues or similar/related concerns are appreciated.

    11-10-09 10:05 AM
  2. perniciousviper's Avatar
    Hi Situ,

    1).I don't believe so.

    2) WiFi logo appears white (not grey) top right of screen. It will say GPRS if, er, GPRS is active.

    3) Network settings > manage mobile connections > wireless preferred.

    That shoiuld do it.

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    11-10-09 10:52 AM
  3. situ's Avatar
    Thanks for the info P, sure does answer my question but its sad to know wifi is not an option in most of the applications
    11-10-09 03:20 PM