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    When I got a replacement Bold (new) a couple of months ago, one of the first things I noticed was now I had the Wifi problem that many others have had here. The one where it connects to my router but the Wifi icon remains greyed out. I never had that on my first Bold which I got close to the launch date last year. On my old Bold, when I was connected to my router, the Wifi icon was lit 100% of the time.

    When the Wifi icon is greyed out and I'm surfing the web, I noticed it uses the network whether it be EDGE or 3G.

    What caught my attention the other day was the fact that I was in my basement getting like 1 bar of EDGE and I was still able to watch a HQ Youtube video with no stutter. This was while I was connected to Wifi but the icon was greyed out. I know for a fact that I can't watch any Youtube on just EDGE because I've tried it before.

    I was then able to confirm (by watching my router lights) that when surfing the web it uses the network (painfully slow retrieving pages in my basement) but as soon as try and watch a video on Youtube, it will use Wifi despite the icon being greyed out. It doesn't switch to Wifi as EDGE will still be displayed in the top right hand corner. But I know it's using Wifi because of the router lights and the fact that you can't stream a HQ Youtube video on 1-2 bars of EDGE (even full bars for that matter).

    Can anyone explain this? It sounds like some kind of setting issue but I've left everything pretty much as the default. I'm running .282.
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    Your BB native browser actually is comprised of 3 browsers in one: Internet Browser (IB), Hotspot Browser (HB), and WAP Browser (WB). Depending on which one you have set to default (DB) is the network it will use. For instance, when IB is selected as your DB, it will default to Mobile Network usage. However, when a WiFi/Hotspot is detected/available your IB will use whatever is readily available. When HB is selected as your DB, however, it will only work on a WiFi connection.

    Second, 3 rules of WiFi:
    1. No SSID + Grey WiFi = No BIS or data send/receive over WiFi available.
    2. SSID + Grey WiFi = Only data send/receive over WiFi available, no BIS.
    3. SSID + White WiFi = Full BIS + data send receive over WiFi available.

    For more info on how to solve the greyed out WiFi, please visit my thread, link found in my sig.
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