10-30-09 07:14 PM
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  1. ediggity's Avatar
    Could also be the Power Management issue RIM has disclosed a few weeks back with WIFI if it connects and then goes dormant after a while. I don't think WIFI will connect and remain on unless something is flipping over to use it and does something to "keepalive" the connection. With UMA capable BBs, the WIFI tends to remain on because all the UMA traffic traverses that conduit constantly, but with VZW that's not an option, so WIFI could just go dormant after a while... who knows.

    10-30-09 04:09 PM
  2. HOSTIL1's Avatar
    You are connected to a wireless network(gotta ask), assuming you are go to options>advanced options>host routing tables>BB menu button>register now, after that you may have to do a *228 option 1(but you shouldn't have to)
    I must thank you,,, this worked for me.
    10-30-09 04:38 PM
  3. ketchupfreak's Avatar
    lol so my wifi was working in the morning. I left for a haircut and now, back home, its grey again. Resent service books but its still a no go.
    10-30-09 04:39 PM
  4. Legacykid's Avatar
    I did as this said an mine still gray, and if i disconnect the mobile network, i cant browse, but it says im connected? any clues?
    10-30-09 04:41 PM
  5. sesoccerstar09's Avatar
    this worked for me! thanks the whole wifi thing was really bugging me
    10-30-09 05:07 PM
  6. Mike_21's Avatar
    I need help guys. I have tried everything in this thread and mine still is not working. I am connected to my network (since yesterday) but mine is still grey.
    10-30-09 05:24 PM
  7. Summiebee's Avatar
    Mine is grey I'm a little confuzzled as what I am to do? I am a bb virg. Do I need to redo the *228 send and then 1 again? It's what I have somewhat gathered from the thread. Does this always stay white then? Or only when I am near a wifi connection? Where the **** is the green checkmark on the wireless set-up screen or on the main screen near the now grey but the wanna be white wifi icon? Do I need to enter my pin from my home wireless acct into it to make sure it works? Or should it just be white all of the time?
    Sorry for the questions!
    10-30-09 07:14 PM
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