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    Ok...I am gonna ask a question that some of you might think it's silly. Why did I get charged for Wifi connection from ATT?

    First...let me give you some back ground.

    1. I am a complete newbie to blackberry
    2. It's a unlocked Curve 8320 from T-Mobile
    3. I am an AT&T user
    4. I DO NOT have data plan with AT&T
    5. I have Wifi network at home
    6. My Curve is set up to conntect to my home Wifi
    7. I can get correct IP address on Curve (192.168.x.xx)
    8. The Wifi logo on Curve is blue (not black) and I don't have "UMA/uma" next to it unless I use a T-Mobile SIM card

    Like I said, I am a newbie to blackberry. So when I see "Wifi support" on Curve's description, I immediately assumed it will connect (or piggybacking) to my wifi network at home and allowing me to go online without paying anything. (like a laptop)

    Well, I guess, I was wrong. I tested the browser few days ago. And now I see charges on my account bill for it.

    Was my assumption wrong about the Wifi? I can't connect to internet via my home wifi network free of charge without any data plane with AT&T or did I do something (or didn't do something) wrong here?

    Thank you all.
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    You can do it, but you must use the HotSpot Browser, not the Internet Browser.

    Options / Advanced Options / Browser. Set the default to HotSpot Browser.

    You will find this discussed in detail here:


    05-28-09 09:58 AM
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    Thank you RM..you saved me again. Now....only if I can find the time to finish that manual....
    05-28-09 08:35 PM