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    I have searched the forums here and elsewhere seeking a possible answer to this, but saw nothing. If this has been covered, please forgive my re-hash.

    I'm a former iPhone 4S owner, and have recently purchased the Blackberry Bold 9900. Now, I really understand what they are talking about when they say "a tool not a toy" etc. I'm a real BB fan now. I had a Blackberry that looked almost exactly like this one many years ago (except it had a trackball, no touch screen), and forgot how useful these really are.

    Issue- When connecting to my home or work WiFi network, the 9900 connects fine, all is good. However, after a few minutes of browsing on WiFi, it is as if the WiFi quits talking to the Blackberry. Click on a web page or link, and I get the "Unable to find the requested server." error. Turning the BB off and on does not fix it. Turning the WiFi checkbox in the BB on and off does not fix it. The ONLY way I can reconnect is by turning off the WiFi router itself (the one connected to the cable or DSL) and turn it back on. Then, the BB finds it again and I'm good for another 5 minutes, then the BB can't talk to it again.

    This happens with full scale signal the whole time, even if I am standing right next to the WiFi modem, it isn't a signal issue. It is as if the BB just stops talking to the WiFi.

    Any tips on how to fix this?

    02-18-12 11:15 AM
  2. jeffrey1027's Avatar
    Could be a router issue. Try preforming a battery pull
    02-19-12 07:00 PM
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    A friend of mine is also having this issue. I believe it's because she has a unlimited email plan and not a data plan. Regardless, if she has full (router) bars on her 9900, simple browsing should still work.
    02-20-12 08:27 PM
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    A battery-pull reset doesn't fix it. Maybe half the time, it will work on Wi-Fi again for a couple of minutes, then same thing.

    Update- I went to AT&T and got another 9900. The second one does the exact same thing.

    Also have tried this with another Wi-Fi network, same thing. It works longer on an unsecured network that it does on one that requires a password (like mine at home and at work). That is odd, but perhaps that will provide a clue?

    The kids that work at AT&T are totally stumped. They all suggest getting an iPhone. Do they honestly believe that the latest iPhone is the solution to every problem there is? Memo to AT&T: That is annoying.

    I digress...

    OK, what can I do to use a Wi-Fi connection on the 9900 for any length of time?
    02-24-12 09:34 AM
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    I just started having this problem with my 9900 as well. Sorry to bring back an old thread but this was one of the first replies when I googled the issue.

    This has been happening to me at every wifi hotspot I've tried (home, school, work, etc.) But it will work fine for me for a few minutes after I toggle wifi off and on
    04-13-12 01:27 PM
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    Had this same problem with a 9900 that I just switched too. Turned out to be an App called Fixmo causing the problem. Deleted it, did a battery pull and now everything's back to normal.
    04-17-12 05:39 PM
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    Does your router have wifi protected setup (wps)? Cause BBs need that to function properly and on most modern routers, its available. Login to your router's GUI and turn it on if it hasn't.
    04-28-12 07:24 PM
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    Fixmo could be the culprit. Could delete your wifi profile hotspot and readd it again.
    04-29-12 09:01 AM
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    Ok, this problem has plagued me for far too long and there doesn't seem to be enough attention to it online. I fought this problem through 2 BBs (9780 and now a 9900) and I finally won. I didn't follow the golden rule of troubleshooting (make one change at a time before trying) but I got a good idea where I went right. Just to be safe, here is everything I did, wheather it worked before doing it on its own.

    1) Set my WiFi settting back to default. -1st time
    2) Went into my D-Link Router and changed it to 'G' only on Channel 11. - Tried it before
    'I know G is not the greatest speed but its really compatible and I understand having the signal being broadcasted on one of the far ends of the. spectum helps a lot as well.'
    3) Set the security to WPA Personal (TKIP) only. Again for compatibility. -Tried this before as well.
    4) Instead of letting my Blackberry automatically detect and connect to my router, I manually entered the network/router details. -1st time.

    Now at one point my router did smuck out on me and needed to be power cycled. Once I did my blackberry wouldn't connect automatically back to my router. This might be because I just set it up manually, although my BB impressed me once again and remebered the settings I put in all on it's own. I just had to tell it to connect automatically after the 1st time I manually set it up and you know what, its been fine ever since. Even after I did a pretty big software update it still works flawlessly. No battery pulls, reboots or nothing.

    I honestly think that's all it was as dumb as it sounds. The router settings are probably smart to try but it just seems like the auto-detecting powers of the WiFi connection on the BB are kinda lacking. Tell the machine exactly what the settings are for your router and work from there.

    You know it's funny, I think I had do the same thing (only with a different error message) on my Curve 8530 and the thing worked fine ever since. Try it and remember when you're troubleshooting 'KISS' Keep It Simple Stupid. Lol!
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    12-15-12 10:44 PM