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    Hi there,

    This is my first post and I have a strange situation.

    I am trying to connect several Blackberry devices to an old woreless router that only broadcasts 802.11b. The SSID is broadcasted, and there is no security set.

    My 9800 Torch finds the SSID and can connect without issue. So too can a 9300 Curve. However, two different 8520s could not even see the SSID, let alone connect to it and the same was true with a 9780. These Blackberry were all able to connect to other wifi signals in the vicinity, but not the 802.11b despite being capable.

    I was able to login to the router and try enabling security, changing channel numbers, and all kinds of other stuff without being able to make the 8520 or 9780 find the network, either automatically or manually entering the SSID.

    Incidentally, an HTC, iPhone, iPad and iPad2 all could find the SSID without issue also.

    Anyone have any advise or insight why the 8520 or 9780 might be having this issue?


    08-25-11 05:21 AM