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    Hello all,

    I'm encountering some problems with my wifi. The situation is as following:

    A friend of mine gave me his BB to use. I have no data-plan and want to use it wifi only. At home I am connected to wifi, but even though it says on top of my screen it is connected with the wifi, it doesnt seem to work properly... I am getting charged for using data, which shouldn't be the case.

    The thing is, I can turn off Mobile Network under connections, which allows me to use wifi only and use browser and whatsapp, however then I am not reachable through phone or text. Obviously I want to be reachable.
    I tried disabling ANP, and disabling all the push-services and have 'While Roaming' on off, but this apparently doesn't do the trick either. I can't put Data services to off, because then nóthing works.
    Someone suggested to look into 'Service Books' but I don't know what to do there ?

    I have a BB Curve 9300 with v6.0;0;668, platform installed on it.

    Who knows how I am able to use wifi only ?
    I checked other topics, but these didnt provide me with a good answer.

    Hope someone can help.
    12-17-12 01:25 PM

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