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    Help! My wifi was working perfectly before until fairly recently (I didn't add any apps btw). I use wifi at home, now that I get home it doesn't automatically switch to UMA and when I scan for networks I get the message ( no networks found). Does anyone have an idea what's going on? I use software on Tmo if that info helps.

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    05-13-09 06:58 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    You can check the Wifi Diagnostics to help determine where the problem is coming from.

    Connections / Wifi Options. Menu / Wifi Diagnostics.

    If everything is working correctly, you will see two green checks marks in both Wifi and UMA connections. If not, you should see an error message.

    If you are having trouble with your local network, use the Site Survey to rule out conflicts with nearby routers.

    as above. Menu / Site Survey.
    05-13-09 07:25 PM
  3. josh05's Avatar
    I just checked the diagnostics and see an error message W010 under the Uma diagnostic. I don't see the usual green check marks, I only see empty black balls with no checks. Should I call the network for this?

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    05-13-09 07:33 PM