1. Nadeem Loonat's Avatar
    hi everyone

    at campus the network on my blackberry is terrible, im guessing it is because of the amount of cellphones in one specific area and because of this it takes long for bbm messages or whatsapp messages to come through and also go out.

    my campus does however have wifi hotspots where you can connect your laptop/ipad/iphone/samsung galaxy etc. i was wondering is it possible to connect my blackberry to those hotspots? the problem i seem to be having is that these hotspots want you to enter a new ip address and port and use your registered details (username and password) as the authentication, is it possible to enter this on a blackberry curve 8520?
    03-13-13 08:57 AM
  2. matt0135's Avatar
    It should be possible. Usually it involves you connecting to the wifi hotspot and then what I usually do is try to go to a website like google and then I get redirected to the login screen where you would fill in the credentials and login. This would also depend if the wifi network/ your blackberry's browser supports this feature. I would give it a try anyways. On my Z10 this is made simple with a login prompt as soon as you connect to the wifi. Goodluck!
    03-13-13 10:02 AM
  3. Gatmyer's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums Nadeem!
    03-13-13 12:26 PM

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