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    Hi I have a curve 8900, I can connect to the net via wifi at home with no problems at all, the phone automaticly finds the network. The problem I have is that when I search for networks when in town the phone finds them but when I try to connect the message comes up that wifi needs to be connected. The networks I was trying to access were free access eg Starbuks, burger king Mcdonals.
    The phone is showing the grey wifi logo, in manage connections the tick is in the box for WiFi, and says on and is in green, but there is no cross or tick on the right side of the page to say it is connected.

    Any ideas??


    08-30-10 02:39 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    Those are mobile hotspots, are you following their handshake page instructions in the browser on initial connect?

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    08-30-10 06:03 AM