1. Willamette's Avatar
    I downloaded and installed the "WiFi File Transfer" App and I'm having difficulty getting an IP address when it starts. It should give me an address to type in my pc browser, such as "", but all it shows is "null:1234". It's not having any difficulty giving me its connect code (#s after the colon), it appears to only have issues with getting the network/PC IP.

    I've tried pinging my PC through the BB and it won't reply, however my network sees each of the devices separately with no connection errors indicated. The router I'm using is a wired and wireless type (dlink dir-655 10/100/1000 + N) with the BB as a wireless device and the PC wired. My hope is someone familiar with these configurations might help me with how to get the BB and PC to see each other since the BB is the only device with an SSID; my wired PC has no such name option to match it up and I'm not sure where I can set it to match -- or if it's even possible. My phone is an 8530 running OS 5.0.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    01-24-10 06:50 PM
  2. Thig1002's Avatar
    This is what I found:

    "There do appear to be a few issues with this app. While the Bold 9650 does have WiFi, this app appears to have some problems working with it. Also, the Storm2 requires OS, and the Curves 8520 and 8530 require OS 4.6, rather than 5.0 (which I’m sure, at this point, everyone has). So the number of devices that can use this app is limited. But those that are eligible should give it a look."
    06-03-11 12:51 PM