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    Hi fellow CB members!!

    I bought a 9780 3 weeks ago and I'm facing a few issues with it.

    1. I have a data plan and when I'm connected to my home wifi network, my BB doesn't use wifi for email sending or seceiving/downloading. It, however, uses wifi for internet browsing and on a few other apps like twitter, etc. The wifi sign is white, not gray. On the 'service status' section of 'Manage Connection' area, it says that the BIS service is connected via Mobile Network.
    Now I live in India and we don't have 3G connection here. So you people know how immensly frustrating it is to download email attachments on EDGE! Please help me out here....I've gone through numerous number or posts and threads on CB but nobody seems to have a solution for this.

    2. Is there any option of downloading all the attachments of an incoming email in one go? Say, I receive an email with 15 photos of a party. The default way to download them is to press menu button on each attachment and click on 'download attachment' and then specify the path where you want the attachment to be downloaded. Now, that's frustrating! Any way to download all the 15 attachments together?

    3. Is there anyway by which the emails that I open on my BB, don't show opened when I log in from my computer from a web browser? I know you can 'mark as unread' on your BB....but then seeing an unread message on a BB is irritating to no limits! Can't there be anything like POP thingy which just delivers the emails to your BB and not actually syncs it's read/unread status?

    Please find time to solve my above mentined problems.

    Thanks in advance,


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    02-26-11 11:00 PM
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    1. Connect wifi (don't stop wireless connection)....now make sure that wifi is connected...with manage connections turn off wireless network.. Wait for some time...and see you get bb four dot symbol near wifi symbol....or force to do so with options>>devices>>advance system settings>>host routing table>>press menu key>>register now>>ok (you may repeat twice thrice)

    2. No, you can request to send zip files.

    3. No, not default bb functionality... Try some third party apps. But this is difficult to find feature.

    Hope it helps...

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    02-27-11 02:11 AM
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    2 and 3 have been answered quite sufficiently already, with 3 being an inherent design feature/flaw of BB/IMAP/POP differences.

    1 however sounds like you haven't got your IP setttings correctly setup, I would double check your DHCP settings on yer router to make sure DNS, gateway, et all are being transferred correctly to BB and likewise do the same on BB - as you're in the UK your ISP and IP config would be handy if you get stuck
    02-28-11 12:53 AM
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    Well fellows, thanks for the support.

    But i'm still stuck.

    I'm connected to the internet/modem and i know that because i can access internet. So i'm pretty much A-OK on the dchp, IP, DNS settings etc.

    And...i'm not from the UK boss....I'm from India. I even mentioned it in my starting post.

    Well anyways......please solve this problem of mine if you can......would be really awesome.

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    02-28-11 03:11 AM
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    Sorry yeah, I originally posted that into the wrong post - so copied it and pasted it in here without re-reading the original post !

    Also I assumed you were because of dpUK lol !

    Ok so you know that if you have Opera Mini on the phone - you can force the phone onto wifi and browse the internet - or that the built in browser or appworld - both can access stuff fine over wifi ?

    I'd go online, resend your service books, check you have WiFi transport service books on your phone under advanced settings service books - get back to me !
    02-28-11 12:57 PM
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    Hehe....no issues about the geographical confusion

    I saw my service books and the wifi transport is there. Tell me if there's anything else that i could do please

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    03-02-11 10:57 AM
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    I haven't been reading properly, white indicates a correct connection to the network, so I would then ask one of two questions

    1) Does your ISP block connection to a BIS over WiFi

    2) Does your network support connection to a BIS over WiFi ?

    Those are really the last two remaining issues if you have the correct service books for WiFi transport and you have a white lit WiFi logo.

    As I said before, check that the browser can access web pages just to double check - go to google or engadget and see the wifi symbol is active whilst browsing. After that my above two points stand.
    03-02-11 10:59 PM
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    I can use the browser with wifi. I download youtube videos over wifi throught this app called DuoBerry. So the wifi is working with my browser.
    What's wrong here?

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    03-03-11 02:11 AM
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    It is then your provider, there are posts in another section of this forum about Indian GSM providers blocking users from accessing the BIS over WiFi on the budget plans, I suggest you take it up with them.
    03-14-11 09:44 PM