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    Brand new to this forum, but not blackberries (7 years). Have used wifi many times while out of Canada to get my emails includes, US, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, etc. Had problems this time while in Mexico (hour north of Puerto Vallarta). I have a bold 9900, but don't believe the problem is specific to this model. Condo had free wifi, which worked for everything BUT my emails. Then all of sudden it started working a few days after being there.

    I have only a theory for this mystery and was hoping someone could confirm my theory or provide further insight. My theory is that once outside the condo, I traveled through a hotspot, which then registered my blackberry with Telcel. Telcel, I was told is the provider for all of Mexico. I came to this conclusion, because at the same time my email started working, I received emails and texts as follows:

    Email: From Blackberry (with the blackberry logo) titled "Registration". The body of the email said "Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network."
    Text: from +1234. I have deleted the text, but it provided costs for using services, assuming this was the Mexican Telcel charges.

    As well, at the top of the screen it showed MTS-Telcel. MTS is my provider in Manitoba. Telcel is Mexico provider. When this happened, it also turned on my mobile network which I had turned off prior.

    So all is working well and then it all shut down again. This happened about 2 weeks later. My second theory is that it only registers your BB for two weeks. Because I must have gone through another hotspot and the same emails and texts were sent and the mobile network turned back on. I was only in Mexico for 4 weeks so I was not able to experiment and confirm my theory.

    Again, if anyone can shed some light.....
    02-16-13 10:33 AM

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