1. TryCatchThrow's Avatar
    I've just purchased a BB9900 (OS 7.1), my first BlackBerry phone and I've noticed something strange. When at home I turn off the mobile network and use Wifi only. This afternoon e-mail, BBM, and Web were all working fine but both the Weather Channel and Twitter apps were not (error message for both indicating data was not available). Similarly, last night apps were working on Wifi but BBM and email were not.

    Jumping onto the mobile network and then back to wifi seems to fix this but I was wondering if anybody knows why this happens?
    07-20-12 04:18 PM
  2. byul's Avatar
    This is how it works for everyone else.
    07-20-12 04:53 PM
  3. TryCatchThrow's Avatar
    This is how it works for everyone else.
    Or how it doesn't work for everybody else? Again this morning, connected to Wifi with a strong signal, mobile network turned off: tried to surf the web but couldn't because "the radio is turned off". To fix this: get back on the mobile network, turn off mobile network, and now browser works via Wifi.

    Seems a bit buggy, and since I only get mobile reception on the top floor of my house it's a pain. Too bad, other than this I'm enjoying this phone much more than my last one (WP7).

    07-21-12 08:11 AM